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How Trump’s Muslim Ban Has Effects On One Iranian-American Bride

How Trump’s Muslim Ban Has Effects On One Iranian-American Bride

Preparing a big, multicultural interfaith wedding is stressful sufficient for just about any bride. The other day, Iranian-American bride Nassim Alisobhani received the news that her nuptials can also be complicated by worldwide politics.

Alisobhani, a 27-year-old muslim girl from Newport Beach, California, is marrying her fiance, Justin Yanuck may 20, 2017, during a marriage that aims to assemble their Persian and Jewish heritages. The interfaith few has experienced lots of stumbling blocks while preparing their wedding, but through all of it, the single thing Alisobhani had been looking towards the absolute most had been having her whole family members together in identical space the very first time in years.

But President Donald Trump’s professional order on immigration might avoid that from occurring. Your order bans residents from seven Muslim-majority nations, including Iran, for at the very least ninety days. The particulars of the ban continue to be being parsed through, as appropriate challenges towards the order emerge all over nation.

The executive order also asks the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence to review the United States’ visa and admission procedures and to come up with a list of countries who don’t comply with requests for information in addition to temporarily targeting these seven countries. Continue reading “How Trump’s Muslim Ban Has Effects On One Iranian-American Bride”