Marriage Laws associated with the Fifty States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

Marriage Laws associated with the Fifty States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

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This table links to your marriage guidelines associated with the states and tries to summarize a few of their points that are salient. Those thinking about the wedding legislation of the jurisdiction that is particular review its legislation straight as opposed to count on this summary which might never be completely accurate or complete.

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State typical Law Marriage chronilogical age of permission to marry Medical exams Marriage permit
Age with parental permission Age without parental permission Max. duration between exam and license range of medical exam Waiting period before license Duration of permit credibility (expiration)
Alabama- Title 30, Chapter 1 Yes 16 a, b 18 1 month
Alaska- Title 25, Chapter 5 No 16 c 18 3 times, d three months
Arizona- Chapter 1, Article 1 No 16 c (2) 18 1 Arkansas- Title 9, Subtitle 2, § 11 No year 18 f
California- Family Code, §§ 300-500 No b, g 18 thirty days, d, h ninety days
Colorado- §§ 14-2-105 thru 14-2-110 Yes 16 c 18 thirty days
Connecticut- Title 46b, § 815e No 16 c (2) 18 i 4 days, d 65 days
Delaware- Title 13, Chapter hot latin male 1 No 18 twenty four hours, j 30 days
Florida- Title 43, Chapter 741 No 16 a, ag ag e 18 60 times
Georgia- §§ 19-3-1 thru 19-3-68 No gg 16 ag e, k 18 i 3 times, l thirty days
Hawaii- § 572 No 15 k 18 —- thirty days
Idaho- § 32-301 thru 32-501 No gg 16 c 18 m, n
Illinois- Chapter 750, CS 5, Part II No 16 o 18 p one day 60 times
Indiana- Title 31, Article 11 No gg 17 ag ag e 18 q 60 times
Iowa- Chapter 595 Yes 16 k 18 3 times
Kansas- Chapter 23, Article 1 Yes 16 c (2) 18 3 times, d half a year
Kentucky- Chapter 402 No 18 k 18 1 month
Louisiana- Title IV, Chapter 1 (Civil Code 86) No 18 c 18 10 times
Maine- Title 19, Chapter 23 No 16 c 18 3 times, d, f 3 months
Maryland- §§ 2-201 thru 2-503 No 16 e, r 18 48 hours, d half a year
Massachusetts- Title III, Chapter 207 No Male-14 k Female-12 k 18 3-60 days, s 3 times, f 60 times
Michigan- Chapter 551 No 16 18 3 days, d 33 days after application
Minnesota- Chapter 517 No 16 k 18 5 times, d half a year
Mississippi- Title 93, Chapter 1 No g, k thirty days t 3 days, d
Missouri- Chapter 451 No 15 u 18 thirty days
Montana- Title 40, Chapter 1 Yes 16 k 18 t 180 times
Nebraska- Chapter 42 No 17 19 i one year
Nevada- Title 11, Chapter 122 No 16 c 18 12 months
brand brand brand New Hampshire- Title 43, Chapter 457 No Male- 14 v Female- 13 v 18 3 times, d, f 3 months
New Jersey- Title 37 No 16 c, e 18 72 hours, d 30 times
brand brand brand New Mexico- Chapter 40, Article 1 No 16 ag ag e, u 18 30 times t
New York- Domestic Relations (Chapter 14), Articles 1 and 2 No 16 v 18 w 24 hours 60 times
new york- Chapter 51 No 16 ag ag e 18
North Dakota- Chapter 14-03 No 16 18 60 times
Ohio- Title 31, Chapter 3101 No gg Male-18 k Female-16 c, ag e 18 5 times, d, x 60 times
Oklahoma- 43-3 No gg 16 c, e 18 1 month, d t y 30 times
Oregon- Title 11-106 No 17 z 18 3 times, d 60 days
Pennsylvania- Title 23, Part 1 No gg 16 u 18 1 month t 3 times, d 60 days
Rhode Island- Title 15, Chapters 15-1 thru 15-3 Yes 18 aa a few months
sc- Title 20, Chapter 1 Yes 16 e 18 one day
Southern Dakota- Title 25, Chapters 1 and 2 No 16 ag ag e 18 20 days
Tennessee- Title 36, Chapter 3 No 16 u 18 3 days, d, bb 30 days
Texas- Title 1, Subtitles the and B Yes 16 k, v 18 cc thirty days
Utah- Title 30, Chapter 1 Yes 16 a 18 dd thirty day period
Vermont- Title 15, Chapter 1 No 16 k 18 1 month, d t one day, d
Virginia- Title 20, Chapter 2 No 16 a, e 18 ee 60 times
Washington- Title 26, Chapter 4 No 17 u 18 ff 3 times 60 times
western Virginia- Chapter 48, Article 1 No 18 ag e 18 t 3 times, d
Wisconsin- Chapter 765 thru 767 No 16 18 letter 5 times, d 30 days
Wyoming- Title 20, Chapter 1 No 16 u 18 i
District of Columbia- Division VIII, Title 46, Subtitle 1, Chapter 4 Yes 16 a 18 thirty days t 3 times, d
Puerto Rico No Male-18 c, e, u Female-16 c, ag e, u Male- 21 Female- 21 ag e t

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