Meet with the ISIS Brides Who Are Barred From Coming House

Meet with the ISIS Brides Who Are Barred From Coming House

Why should you care

Because the way they are addressed could set a precedent for any other ISIS defectors.

By Nick Fouriezos

The Constant Dose February 20, 2019

This tale happens to be updated to mirror President Donald Trump’s statement that he will block Hoda Muthana from re-entering the country wednesday.

In lots of ways, their tales began therefore differently.

Hoda Muthana ended up being an Alabama coed and a recently available graduate of Hoover tall, a school after the topic of a MTV reality show of a town that is high-school-football-obsessed. When Muthana made a decision that will change her life drastically, she did therefore alone, lying to her moms and dads while catching a coach to Atlanta and a journey to Turkey into the autumn of 2014.

Shamima Begum had been a schoolgirl that is british of lineage, whom, with two other East London classmates, come up with a packaging list that seemed ordinary for almost any sleepover — makeup, bras, shoes plus an epilator — arriving in Turkey simply 3 months after Muthana.

The 2 young students both crossed the border that is turkish Syria and joined up with ISIS. And thus while their journeys started continents aside, their stories will have them connected: both exiled into remote camps that are syrian holding small children and begging their countries to just simply take them straight straight right back. Both nations this week said no.

We have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in which he completely agrees, not to ever enable Hoda Muthana back to the united states review! Continue reading “Meet with the ISIS Brides Who Are Barred From Coming House”